Welcome to Southern Utah!

Welcome to one of the most scenic and inspiring landscapes on earth, the red rock country of southern Utah and all that surrounds it. In addition to its amazing concentration of national parks and monuments, state parks, national forests and recreation areas, this section of the world also contains thousands of square miles of untamed wilderness. The number of natural wonders is staggering, and a lifetime of exploration is required to just scratch the surface of this remarkable land.

My wife Rhonda and I currently live in the town of Moab, near Arches and Canyonlands National Parks. We seize any opportunity to explore and photograph the almost limitless natural wonders that surround us. This website is designed to share some of our experiences, and to give others a taste of what life is like in southern Utah. Perhaps it will encourage you to come out for a visit and start your own journey!

Our Personal Journey

Southern Utah is a truly amazing place. Wherever I wander I am overwhelmed by the spirit of place. Never, in all of my travels, have I experienced such an ethereal landscape. I emphasize the word "experience" because there is more to this land than meets the eye. It must be felt from within.

During my first visit to this area, in the summer of 1986, I became enchanted with the magical spell this land casts upon those sensitive to its natural beauty. On one special evening, as I watched the sun set over a landscape of unimaginable beauty, my life was transformed forever.

In the years that followed my wife Rhonda and I made our way 2000 miles west, from our previous home in western New York to our current home in Moab, Utah, in the heart of the land that we both love. Join us on our journey, as we continue to explore and learn about the natural wonders that surround us in southern Utah.


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