Morning Glory Bridge

Time Required

2.5 hours

Round Trip Distance

5 miles


Drive north from Moab on Main Street (U.S. 191) until you come to Utah 128, which parallels the Colorado River. Turn right (east) and drive for 3.1 miles until you see a parking area on the right side of the road. There is no road sign marking the canyon, so pay attention to your mileage so you don’t drive right past it.

The Hike

Canyon hiking is fairly simple, just follow the canyon! Note that you will have to walk across the stream in a few places, so be sure to wear proper footwear. I highly recommend sport sandals, such as those sold by Teva. Their sandals are extremely durable and have great traction. Plus, the cool water feels great on your feet on a hot summer day. As a matter of fact, I do 90% of my hiking in sport sandals.

There are several side canyons worthy of exploration, but the second canyon on your right, 2 miles from the trailhead, contains Morning Glory Natural Bridge. There is a sign marking this side canyon but if you are not paying too much attention you might miss it. This hike involves a little bit of rock scrambling, but nothing too involved. There are quite a few areas of dense brush which will force you to move branches out of your way. Morning Glory Natural Bridge usually has a small pool in front of it, but beware. There is usually a bit of poison ivy scattered in the area surrounding the pool so make sure you know what poison ivy looks like.

Morning Glory Natural Bridge is 243 feet long and is located adjacent to a sandstone wall within a huge red rock alcove. Reflected sunlight from the sandstone walls often envelopes the bridge in a warm reddish light that is quite intense and beautiful to photograph. After spending time at the bridge, return to the main canyon. You can continue up-canyon for as long as you like (it winds up in the foothills of the LaSal Mountains) but the hike becomes rather rugged and may require more than one day to complete. Most people return to the trailhead after seeing Morning Glory.